I can’t even describe the next couple of videos I’m going to post here. They are absolutely incredible, like Disneymania music on steroids. The creator takes a catchy beat and adds sounds from Disney movies to it. You really just have to listen to them in order to understand. So what are you waiting for! Go listen! Read the rest of this entry »


Happy last day of April! Tomorrow is the start of May (duh…), but it also marks the start of some very exciting things coming up in the very near future. The D23 Fanniversary is this month, the next day is my birthday (not to mention it’s my unbirthday today as well), I go to see Beauty and the Beast in Boston at the end of the month, and the very next day (I’m talking just hours from when the show ends) I’ll be getting on a plane with my absolute best friend/wonderful boyfriend to go on our first Walt Disney World vacation together. So in short, May is going to be absolutely amazing. But that’s not what you’re here for, you’re here for this weeks quote! This quote is something I think a lot about and I find that it relates a lot to how I go about my life. I took this quote from Alice in Wonderland. I really hope you enjoy this quote and that your have a truly magical week!

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The closest look at FLE ever and an updated opening timeline!

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Well not exactly the first crazy Disney idea I’ve ever had (see the Pride Lands in Animal Kingdom). I have another suggestion for DAK, a nighttime show. I have no idea how they would pull this off, but that’s why it’s a crazy idea.  Read the rest of this entry »

With the first faze of AoA opening in just over a month, many things are really coming together. WDWMagic has three great videos they posted this week that I absolutely have to share. They got me super excited! Read the rest of this entry »

True Life

April 23, 2012

Just a quick meme explaining my entire Disney life. You’re not a Disney parks fan unless you’ve seriously considered this a few times. Read the rest of this entry »

Part of the 30 day Disney challenge (which I still haven’t finished….) I talked about my favorite Disney park snack: the Dole Whip. This is still true and always will be, but I can’t overlook the other delicious snacks found in the Disney parks. I’ve never done the Disney Dining Plan, but I’ve heard that a lot of guests do not use all of their snack credits and end up buying ten waters the last day of their vacation. Let me just say, this wouldn’t be a problem for me. I snack all day when I’m in Disney, I have a hard time containing myself. Here are just a few of my must eats.

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I almost forgot about this week’s quote! I’ve been in a serious Cinderella mood lately so I just had to do a quote from Cinderella. It was hard to pick just one, but I finally picked one! I hope you enjoy this weeks quote and that Disney magic graces your entire week!

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The days of Jack Wagner narrating the Monorail spiel are gone. Last week, Disney replaced Wagner with a, well, different voice. I don’t know who owns this new voice yet, but it’s certainly not someone who’s trying to be like Wagner. I have mixed feelings about it, but have a listen and decide. Read the rest of this entry »

This weeks quote comes from one of Disney’s Broadway shows, Mary Poppins. I’ve been fortunate enough to see the show twice, and I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the movie, or a Broadway buff. Mary Poppins will be touring in Boston next May and June so if you’re in the area, I suggest getting tickets! And D23 members get a nice discount! The quote comes from a song not featured in the movie, but a Broadway exclusive. I hope you enjoy this weeks quote and that your week is filled with Disney wonder!

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