Pixar Movie Challenge: a bug’s life

October 31, 2013



a bug’s life; 1998

I truly enjoy this movie. It’s such a great movie plot, but also has a great message. And it’s truly a funny film. I haven’t watched this fully through a quite a few years, but there’s a ton of adult humor in this movie that I never catches onto. And honestly, this movie is much better enjoyed now; I thought it was pretty confusing as a kid.

I once had to babysit a little girl who was terrified of bugs. And not in the way that everyone hates the huge spider that crawls up the walls or the ones that look like they could eat a small child. Every time she saw an ant, she would cry and scream. Knowing of the Disney fan I am, the mother wanted me to watch a bug’s life with her. She thought I’d enjoy watching it (of course I would!) and her daughter would get over her fear of bugs. I wanted to protest and tell her how this movie wasn’t going to help and potentially only make it worse, but I let it go and hoped for the best. To this day, I think that little girl is still afraid of bugs and will never go near a grasshopper. I mean, Hopper is really terrifying, he scared me! But my brother watched it around her age (four or five) and was fine. Just be wary showing it to your kids!

Over all, I really loved this movie. It’s a Pixar classic with that classic Pixar original storyline. I love the theme music (it’s so epic) and a little Julia Louis-Dreyfus can’t hurt anybody.


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