Disney Movie Challenge: Frozen

November 30, 2013



Frozen, 2013.

This movie came out four days ago and I’ve seen it twice already. In short, I cannot get enough of Frozen. The commercials have been saying that this is the best animated movie Disney has done since The Lion King. I don’t exactly agree with this, but it’s certainly a return to those classic Disney musicals of the 90s.

Since the movie is new, I’m going to stay away from spoilers as best as I can!

First of all, the characters are phenomenal. I can’t tell if Anna or Elsa is my favorite, but they both surpass most of the princess thus far. Anna is so fun and quirky, she’s so relatable because she isn’t perfect. Same goes for Elsa, she has a real issue with the ice powers and all. But she’s so sophisticated and strong. I’m absolutely in love with them both. From the commercials, I thought Olaf was going to be my new Iago (I hate Iago more than any other Disney character ever), but it was completely the opposite. He was hysterical and added a great comedic relief when needed. I’ve heard a lot of people say they are avoiding the movie because of Olaf. Don’t let that be a reason to not see the movie! There have been a lot of comparisons of Sven and Maximus from Tangled, and I can see that, but they were certainly different characters. Sven is really relaxed and Maximus is just the opposite. I liked Sven much better!

The music was just as perfect. I can see this being a musical already and I can’t wait. It has such a feel from the Renaissance era because of this musical feel. If “Let It Go” doesn’t win for best original song at the Oscars, I’ll just die. The song came out months before the movie but I waited until I saw the movie. If you haven’t listened to it (or any of the other music) yet, wait! The songs give away a lot of the movie and are awesome to see come to life for the first time with the animation.

I have to say one of my favorite things about Frozen is that I didn’t know how it was going to end. It had two perfect plot twists, one that dropped my jaw and another that made me cry my eyes out. I honestly didn’t see either of them coming the first time and that kept me so captivated in the movie. Well done, Disney.

The next thing isn’t a spoiler, but something that might ruin the movie experience for you. I’m a big Idina Menzel fan and I would kill to have her voice. I love how strong it is and I think her personality is perfect for Elsa. However, the first time I saw the movie, something was off. I thought that I had Idina Menzel’s face in my head and she looks nothing like Elsa, so I couldn’t put the two together. But then someone said that they thought her voice was just too powerful for Elsa. The latter is completely true. I don’t think Disney did a good job animated Elsa’s face during “Let It Go”. I’m in no way saying the animation was bad, because that scene is my favorite in the whole movie animation wise. But the sound that comes out of Idina Menzel’s is so powerful and I couldn’t see that through Elsa for some reason. Even if they just made Elsa open her mouth just a little more it would have been more convincing. It’s just a little thing, but it made such an impact on how I saw the movie.

But overall, Frozen is actually perfect. It has already made my top 10 favorite Disney movies and I will certainly be seeing it at least three more times before it leaves the theaters. Go see it if you haven’t already!


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