I have some great Disney news!

September 19, 2013

The college I go to has a Disney club. I signed up freshman year beyond excited to share my love of Disney with others. I got an email about the first meeting they were going to have a week or so later. The topic of discussion: why the princesses are a bad influence on young girls. Immediately I knew this was not the club I wanted it to be. As many have you read in a previous blog post of mine about the Disney princesses, I think they’re great role models for everyone. In fact, it’s my most viewed post, so a lot of people know. I took myself off the email list and vowed never to go to a Lesley University Disney club meeting again. But then, something happened….

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My Disney Art

May 24, 2013

I took a painting class last semester to fulfill my arts credit for graduation. I always liked to paint, but I was never like fantastic at it. I can’t say I’m much better now, but I did paint a couple things I really thought came out great! I only have a couple Disney related ones so far, but I’ll try to keep this updated as I go forward. I’m currently working on one that I hope turns out as good as it looks in my head!

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I grew up in the 90s, right in the middle of the Disney Renaissance. Disney’s tumblr like blog posted a blog post today about, well, my childhood. I know people will look at this post and be all nostalgic, and of course that’s the point. But you have to understand that this is my daily life. I still watch an hour of Boy Meets World once a week, I have most of my movies on VHS that I still watch constantly, and I can sing the DuckTales theme song without thinking about it. I do hope you look at the post because it’s awesome. Happy nostalgia!

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Disney Magic At Its Finest

February 2, 2013

If you have 10 free minutes and want to watch some real Disney magic, watch this!

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Top Five Disney Halloween

October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween all! As I do for most holidays, here’s a list of my five favorite things Disney goes to get into the Halloween spirit. Maybe you’ll agree, maybe you won’t, but I certainly hope you enjoy it. I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Halloween. Enjoy the list and the rest of your night. Boo to you!

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It’s true, Cast Members make mistakes. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does it can be frustrating. They can lose that dining reservation it took a long time to get, they can give you wrong directions, they can give you the wrong kind of Dole Whip (and never fix your order…). So why can they do this? Because they’re human. Everyone makes mistakes, even the wonderful Cast Members of the Walt Disney World Resort (shocking, I know). But sometimes these mistakes can be the best part of someone’s day. On my last trip to WDW, a Cast Member made the best mistake I’ve ever witnessed in my life. Best part? It happened to me.

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Adding Some Disney to My Dorm

September 6, 2012

In getting ready for my second year of college, one thing I thought a lot about was how I was going to decorate my dorm. More importantly, how I was going to Disneyfy my dorm. I had a Peter Pan poster as well as a Walt Disney one in my dorm last year. I brought them back this year, but I needed something more. I was looking for something more on the sophisticated side, but still with a lot of Disney flare. After hours of surfing the internet for ideas, I picked the perfect one. I must say, it’s the best part about my room. Read the rest of this entry »

I have three rules while I’m on a Disney vacation: no texting and walking in the parks, have a great time, and be nice to all Cast Members. The last one is very important to me. Cast Members are work unbelievably hard to make sure everyone has a magical vacation. I’ve seen many Cast Members being yelled at for things that are out of their hands or not their fault at all. I never want to be that guest, so I try my best to be nice and patient to all Cast Members. But there comes a time once every couple of trips where I come across a CM that isn’t spreading the magic the way he or she should. It’s always very disappointing to come across this CM, it’s puts a damper on the trip.  Read the rest of this entry »

TOMS goes Disney

May 19, 2012

I’m sure a lot of your have heard of TOMS shoes. They’re popular now a days, especially at my very liberal and artsy school. With my birthday coming soon I wanted to get a pair. Then I remembered a way I could make my TOMS even better…

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I can’t even describe the next couple of videos I’m going to post here. They are absolutely incredible, like Disneymania music on steroids. The creator takes a catchy beat and adds sounds from Disney movies to it. You really just have to listen to them in order to understand. So what are you waiting for! Go listen! Read the rest of this entry »